What is a columbarium?

A columbarium is a group of small compartments or “niches” designed to hold an urn for the cremated remains (or cremains) of loved ones who have died.The First Church columbarium contains equal sized 8×8” niches for the inurnment of ashes.  Each niche accommodates one or two urns. Engraved granite plates give the names and birth dates of the deceased.

Who can participate?
Bartlesville First Church members, former members, their spouses, parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren, and faith community, in addition to pastors (current or past), their spouses, parents, children, and ordained United Methodist pastors.

What are the benefits?
1. Provides a dignified memorial that is theologically sound; environmentally, and economically friendly.
2. Handles pre-need concerns, relieving  family members of difficult decisions at a stressful time.
3. Gives comfort to family and friends by having a final, earthly resting place for the cremains of loved ones.

What if I move, or decide to be buried/inurned at another place?
Anyone purchasing their niche at the $2,200 introductory price would be allowed a full refund of this purchase price if they later decided not to use it.  However, those purchasing the niche after June 1, 2016 or reserving their niche with the $500 deposit will forfeit $500.

Will I still need a funeral home’s services?
In most cases, yes. The columbarium serves as an alternate to just the grave site, headstone, and casket.
Will clergy perform a service at the time of inurnment?
First Church will provide a brief religious service at the time of inurnment. A member of the clergy will conduct the service and be present at the inurnment.

How will the columbarium be financed?
Funding for the columbarium is provided through the sale of niches, donor contributions, and memorial gifts. The columbarium will be self-supporting, including maintenance and perpetual care.

When is the inurnment usually done?
Inurnment or other services will be made when reasonably feasible after the church has received adequate notice from you, your heirs, or personal representative. Often, inurnment will take place immediately before or after a memorial service. In the event of inclement weather, inurnment may be delayed until practical. If so, the church may suggest an alternate time or day.

What is Included in the Inurnment Package?
A Service of Committal in the Columbarium, a single or double niche to permanently house the urn(s) in a location of your choice (subject to availability), a granite face plate to be inscribed with the individual’s name and life dates. (See note regarding additional fees)

May I choose the location of the niche?
Yes. A map of the columbarium will be provided at the time of purchase and you may choose the location based on availability.
What if our church should relocate? Doesn’t that sometimes happen?
One of the great things about a columbarium is that it can be moved, if the church ever relocates.
Fee per niche:
Note:  Additional fees are required for the cost of the urn and for engraving on the granite plaque and/or on the urn lid.
For more information, , please contact Patricia Gesner, Business Manager,  for more information.

Ways To Give

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